Features and Technical Details

Here are listed features, technical details and functions of our products:

Reginout System Utilities

Reginout is a 1-stop PC maintenance suite. Its file size is 2.04mb and it runs on Microsoft Windows (8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) 32bit and 64bit. It helps Windows uers perform system maintenance tasks using a single platform. Here are its features:

  • Registry cleaner
  • System cleaner
  • Services optimizer
  • Internet optimizer
  • Registry Defrag
  • Uninstall Manager

Clone Files Checker

Clone Files Checker is a Windows duplicate file finder. Its file size is 2.30mb and it runs on Microsoft Windows (8.1/8/7/Vista/XP) 32bit and 64bit It comes with these features:

  • Duplicate files finder
  • Data backup when deleting duplicate files
  • Move data to recycle bing
  • Move files to another folder
  • Export data to excel

ST Cleaner & Booster

ST Cleaner & Booster is an Android optimization app that helps android users get more speed out of their tablets and phones. Here are its features:

  • Junk cleaner
  • Cache cleaner
  • Unisntaller
  • Auto scanner

Download Compliances

Sorcim Technologies believes in fair business. Its software and apps are not only harmless but also easy-to-control. Its softwares and apps are passed through rigorous tests and it is made sure there is no security loophole. Our software adhere to the unwanted software policies and software principles advocated by Google Inc. to improve user experience and keep users safe from notorious downloads. Here are some points to read and understand software functions prior to installing Sorcim products:

  • Softwares code are signed by Versigin
  • Software are tested by various download directories and are safe to download and install
  • Software are not auto-downloaded
  • The app, ST Cleaner and Booster, can be downloaded from the official Play Store run by Google Inc.
  • Software do not install additional toolbar, malware and/or bundled application
  • Softwares come with EULAs
  • Softwares do not perform any actions on your machines without your approval
  • Softwares are easy to remove
  • Softwares are updated manually, you take control over it
  • They do not take away your personal information
  • They do not present false information about your operating system
  • They will not serve any ads to you