Find & Remove 10s Of GBs Of Duplicate Data.

Save Memory & Prevent Data Corruption.

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Are You Aware of Duplicate Data in Your System?

It becomes an extremely painful task to perform routine operations once a large amount of duplicate data occupies a big slot in the computer. Clone Files ChecKer (CFC), duplicate file finder for Windows 10 having cloud scanning features, is here to help you get rid of duplicates from your computer and cloud:

Main Features of CFC

  • Scan a given directory/directories for finding duplicate files
  • Ignore a given directory/directories
  • Search for CLONE files by specifying a file type. e.g. Text Document, Music/ iTunes, Pictures, Videos etc
  • Applying filters to narrow down the search results
  • Sort out dupes under easily identifiable groups
  • Show the number of contents by the file type in the search result
  • Media files can even be played within the software, which is very helpful in identifying same songs in Windows 10, titles and album names in iTunes, Windows Media Player or Microsoft Groove
  • Files can be securely backed up before deletion, for they can be restored later if required
  • A dedicated function to search for duplicate mp3 files by their tags
  • The “Music Search” function filters down the search result even further
  • Detailed Scan Results showing the number of identical media files as well as the amount of storage space wasted due to them
  • Ability to generate and export scan reports into CSV format
  • Latest file extensions can be easily added up without upgrading the software

In-Depth Look up of Each Function

How CFC Duplicate File Finder Windows 10 Actually Works?

A. Select drive/folder panel allows the user to add one or more directories (folders) to the “Include To Scan” rectangular box on left. If any folder(s) is added over here, adding up any directories to the “Exclude From Scan” option will exactly have the opposite effect.

Select Folder by Clone Files Checker

B. Search Options panel provides options to narrow down the search result by applying filters to the search query.

a. All Files: All the duplicate contents in Windows 10 are searched without any exception (within the given directories).

b. Custom: Custom option has two groups. The first one is especially for general files and the other group is for Music Files. The general section provides 5 filters, those are “Documents” for documents (word /text), Archives for compression files (rar/zip), Music for audio files (mp3, wav), Videos for video files (mp4, mkv), Images for Photos, Images, clipart (png, jpeg).

Search Files by Clone Files Cheacker

c. Music Files section provides additional filters. Title, Artists, Album, Track, Duration, Bitrate, File Content.

Select type of search by Clone Files Cheacker

d. There are another two minor filters to narrow down the search result by size of the files. Applying “Ignore Files Smaller Than” filter makes the search process to ignore the contents which is under the specified size. “Ignore Files Larger Than” is same as the aforesaid filter but it ignores the files which are larger than the specified size. The unit of the size of the both filters can be changed along with their sizes.

Select size options by Clone Files Cheacker

C. The search result displays in the bottom most window. The Group X groups the each file with its duplicate file. If there are many duplicate files of the same file, everything goes under the same group. The search result shows the name, type, path of the files.

Goup Files by Clone Files Cheacker

D. The displays above the search result window show the number of files returned with the search along with their types.

  • For Archive Files Archive Files

  • For Document Files Archive Files

  • To make the Search Result full screen Select Full Screen

  • For Images Select Images

  • For Videos Select Videos

  • For Audio Files Select Audio Files

E. The Basic Media player embedded within the “CFC” is used to preview the contents. It can play any media content as long as their codecs are installed in the system.

F. There are number of buttons in the bottom most of the software.

  • Export List button can generate the report of the search result in CSV format, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel Export Button Image

    Export Path Area
  • Clear Results button can remove the whole search for refreshing the search result window Clear Button
  • Quick Fix button initiates the removing process to wipe out the duplicate contents to save the space Quick Fix Button

G. The statistic panel shows the number of duplicate files, groups, which specifies the number of twins or triplicates of the same file, Wasted space, which can be regained after the cleaning phase.

Data Result

H. Post phases of the wiping

  • First dialog box shows the number of all duplicate files, songs and photos in Windows 10 and the space to regain after wiping out the duplicate contents.
    Data Result
  • Second, also known as “Step 2” makes user to pick either the old file or the new file of the duplicate contents.
    Skip New Old Steps
  • In the "Step 3" files can either be deleted or moved to a separate folder in case the files are required in later.
    Choose Actions
  • In the “Step 4” files can be backed up, if the user plans to restore them. The restoration can be done in the “History” group of the CFC.
    Take Backup Data
    Completed Scan Result
    Scan Details
  • If the cleaning is completed, it will show a dialog box as the following.
    Cleaning is Completed

I. Good thing is you can find iTunes duplicate songs in Windows 10 by enabling the iTunes Mode of CFC. It will work the same way as the Music Mode works.

iTunes duplicate songs in Windows 10

J. The Advanced Settings

  • A. Custom file extensions, new file extensions can be specified in the appropriate group.
    Custom file extensions
  • B. The language of the software, backup location can be specified in here
    language of the software
  • C. Files and Folder Options section provides few options to make the duplicate hunting process easy.

    • Skip Temporary Files: This makes the CFC to ignore the temporary files during the searching
    • Skip System Folders: System folders are quite vital for system to keep running, removing them, regardless of the nature is quite dangerous. This options forces CFC to ignore such files. However, you can scan duplicate folders of your choice using CFC.
    • Skip Hidden Objects: Certain Hidden Objects are quite vital for system to keep running, removing them, regardless of the nature is quite dangerous. This options forces Clone Files Checker to ignore such files
    • Do Not Scan Recycle Bin: Files in the Recycle Bin is already deleted. So no need to delete them again.
    • Protect System Files: This is same as the “Skip System Folders” but it ignores the system files specifically
    • Ignore Zero Byte Files: Zero byte files indicate either that file doesn’t grant the permission to Clone Files Checker to scan it or the file is corrupted in that case it’s not necessary to waste the time with those files.
    • Files and Folder Options
  • D. The algorithm type, which is used to identify the duplicate contents
    The algorithm type
  • E. The global exclude list. Anything added here will be excluded globally from all operations
  • global exclude list