Disclaimer & Terms of Use


Sorcim Technologies is a private limited company. its products and web content is copyrighted. Here are terms of use which are valid for Sorcim's software and apps:

Software, Apps and Web Content

Sorcim Technologies is distributing Reginout, PC Fresher and Clone Files Checker softwares. It also distributes Android app ST Cleaner and Booster. In addition to it, company also publishes web content through a network of domains. These software (Reginout, Clone Files Checker and PCFresher) are distributed with Verisign certificates and come up with End User License Agreements. Prior to installation you must agree to the terms laid down here which are valid for all the company's products and web content:

  • You will not indulge in any activity to manipulate source-code of our programs
  • You will not sell software without taking consent from us
  • You will not use or reuse the web content written on our websites
  • You can not claim any damages that may incur on your device(s) after using our software and/or app
  • You will not alter or remove EULA from applications
  • You agree to our Privacy Policy
  • You give us consent to send you email to inform about product or policy changes
  • Allow us to send updates to the software, however, this process would be manual and you will have a control over it
  • Sorcim will suspend your software license in case you are found violating the terms
  • Vendor will not be responsible for claims made by third-party partners and affiliates of Sorcim
  • Transactions carried out through our merchant are at your own risk. We use services of reputable merchants
  • We will not be responsible for lost license code information
  • Sorcim can not be held responsible if you did not like new software upgrade. You agree that software upgrades can be provided anytime.
  • Company can change its privacy policy, terms and EULA any time.