Fix Error 1305 Windows

Error 1305 appears on screen when you attempt to install game or any other software product on your PC. This type of error also occurs when you are trying to install anything from CD/DVD. Download the error 1305 repair tool for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP.

For manual fixing follow the troubleshooting instructions given below. In this situation you need to follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article.

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Error 1305? Download Error Scanner

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Troubleshooting Steps

  • Remove Content of Temporary Folder
  • Change Path of the file/folder
  • Get the latest version of Windows Installer
  • Install Recommended Windows Updates
  • Create new User
  • Check hard disk for Errors
  • Download and Install Java Offline Installer
  • Take ownership of folder

Remove content of temporary folder

Temporary folder

To remove content of temporary folder in your PC, follow the instructions given below.

  • Open Start
  • Type “%temp%” without quotes and press ENTER
  • Press CTRL + A
  • Delete

Change the path of file/folder

If error 1305 continues to occur after removing content from your temporary folder then you need to change the path of file/folder. Changing path of the folder (on which application/game in stalled) has worked for many users. Here is procedure how you can change the path of file/folder.

  • Insert installation disk
  • Follow the installation setup until you see Change button
  • Now click on Change button
  • Now remove default path and replace it with another, just like drive:\program files\applications\application name
  • Click on OK

Get the latest version of Windows Installer

Windows Installer

Downloading the latest version of Windows Installer has worked for many users. Get the latest version on Windows Installer from link given below.

Download Latest version of Windows Installer

Install Recommended Windows Updates

Windows update

To download and install the recommended Windows Updates, simply follow the steps given below.

  • Open Start and click on All Programs
  • Now click on Windows Update | Check for Updates
  • Click on View available updates
  • Select the check boxes for all updates and install.

These updates are important for proper functioning of Microsoft .NET Framework, MS Visual C++ or DirectX which are essential components assisting your operating system in smooth running of installed applications.

Create new user

Create Window Account

If you are receiving error 1305 because of games then you need to create new user and install game there. Follow the steps given below to create new user for Windows.

  • Open Start
  • Select Control Panel and click on User Accounts and Family Safety
  • Now click on User Accounts
  • Click on Manage Another Account
  • Insert Administrator’s password if prompted
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Write down name of user (for example, you can write FOR GAMES)
  • Click an Account Type and the click on Create Account
  • Restart your system

Check your hard disk for errors

Hard Disk Property

Sometimes your hard disk is responsible for error 1305. To solve this problem you should check hard disk for errors by applying steps given below.

  • Click on Start
  • Select Computer
  • Right-click on disk volume | Select Properties
  • Click on Tools tab
  • Click on Check now under error checking
  • Select automatically fix file system errors
  • Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors | Start

Download and Install Java Offline Installer

Install Java Offline Installer

If error 1305 appears while installing JAVA on your system then you need to download and install offline installer. Click on the link given below

Download offline installer

Take ownership of the folder

Advance Security Setting

In some cases you do not have necessary permissions that’s why you need to take ownership of the folder. Follow the instructions given below to take ownership of the folder.

  • Right-click on file/folder and select properties
  • Click on security tab
  • Now click on Advanced | Owner tab
  • Click Edit
  • Click Administrator | Apply |
  • | OK

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